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You’re here because you’re a Movie Maniac. That makes three of us.

I’m Poffy The Cucumber, and this is my human mascot, Jon Dunmore. Since I can’t type (my mandatory cartoon gloves get in the way), or read my own squiggly handwriting (I was taught by a cabbage – and you know that ain’t right!), I employ the terribly vexed Mr. Dunmore to tabulate my musings on movies, under threat of desmontification. (The last time he was desmontified, he only got three of his marshmallows back, so I know he doesn’t want to go through that again!)

Just what the heck is Poffy’s Movie Mania about? Well, some might call me a Movie Reviewer, some might call me a Rebel Cucumber. I don’t care what they call me, as long as they call me. (Did I just get away with a Henny Youngman joke?) [Dunmore: “Who said you got away with it?”] Are you being cheeky again, Dunmore? Keep typing!

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ONE DAY, this site will contain every movie you’ve ever seen – or at least every movie that we’ve ever seen…

Poffy The Cucumber
Los Angeles, May 2013



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