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American Dream-mare.

AmericaFreedomToFascism_capMichael Moore wishes he could go this deep.

Income tax is illegal. It’s not a radical battle cry – it’s the Constitution. Now that you can’t un-know that fact, life is going to get real scary…

In the documentary AMERICA: FREEDOM TO FASCISM, film-maker Aaron Russo (producer behind THE ROSE and TRADING PLACES), goes on a quest to find “the law that states personal income tax is legal.” And finds it as elusive as The Holy Grail (with more malarkey surrounding it than Monty Python’s quest).

Importuning the IRS and all levels of government body to simply produce that law for him to physically read it for himself, the deflection and misdirection and led-in-circles procrastination leads Russo to a startling conclusion: there IS no such law!

The IRS would rather arrest and terrorize and declare you irrelevant if you request to view that law, in the hopes no one notices that – like ex-attorney general Alberto Gonzales – they are living One Big Lie.

The Sixteenth Amendment of the United States Constitution (which seems to endorse personal income tax) was never ratified by all the States. And the convoluted rules and institutions baked up around this amorphous Amendment have served to illegally confuse, rob and destroy the American public since 1913.

Michael Moore’s guerilla style is LORD OF THE RINGS slickfest compared to Russo’s blood and bones approach. In keeping the production value stark, the movie’s message hits us like a blunt instrument to the temple. And anyone more intelligent than a seahorse will leave this indicting documentary scared out of their pants.

Which means only 10% of us will be walking around without pants. The other 90%? As pre-senile as the president who has fooled them into believing he is a) a Christian (rather than a Satanist), b) a decider (rather than a pawn) and c) a president (rather than a dictator).

Amendment XVI: The Congress shall have power to lay and collect taxes on incomes, from whatever source derived, without apportionment among the several States, and without regard to any census or enumeration.

It sounds straightforward, yet “income” (as defined by the Supreme Court), is “gains or profits from corporate activity.” It is NOT monies derived from personal labor. Your personal income is YOUR OWN. But even that means nothing in the grand scheme – but we’ll get to that shortly…

money monopoly = monopoly money

The Right to Bear Cucumber:
Come and get me, IRS!

Russo clearly outlines how and why this scheming, illegal matrix was created:

In 1913, bankers J.P. Morgan, Paul Warburg and John Rockefeller conned the Woodrow Wilson administration into allowing them to print money with the “Federal Reserve Act” and then convinced the American plebeian public that the Sixteenth Amendment was the law under which they’d have to pay personal income tax. It isn’t. Apparently, this Amendment has still not been ratified by all the States, only a few.

It’s hard to believe or understand why the government would hand over the job of printing money (and paying for it to be printed, with interest) to a private company, when they could easily have printed it themselves with no interest. But the bankers persuaded them that the debt could be paid off by simply taxing the American people. Give avaricious politicians a system where money is created and is paid for by someone else and they’ll beat a path to your whore.

What this means is that your income tax is being used to pay back the private company who makes America’s money, called The Federal Reserve. One hundred percent of it.

Misled into believing that income tax is for keeping lampposts lit and potholes plugged, in reality we are paying the interest on the American government’s dim-witted loan, not for our social well-being.

One hundred percent. That’s more than all the tea in China. Literally.

Lampposts and potholes are state or county responsibilities, the funds coming from revenue like property taxes, municipal court fines, traffic fines, forfeitures and penalties, which is ironic enough (considering that the public’s inability to adhere to laws is what keeps their city infrastructure thriving), but when we hear that portions of parking meter revenue are allotted to schools, we really have to wonder why our children’s education should be contingent on our inability to park properly. If the federal government can assign 12 billion dollars out of thin air to aid Iraq (and then have it disappear and shrug their shoulders with NO ACCOUNTABILITY), surely they can earmark some tiny smidge of that murder money for domestic schools. It’s all counterfeit anyway – just make more! In for a penny, in for a – uh, I guess it’s not worth the analogy when you’re really talking about money…

Because that’s what Federal Reserve money IS – counterfeit.

The Federal Reserve printed that $12b for the express purpose of sending it to Iraq. But no one can print paper cash without the backing of what that cash represents: gold. It’s the only substantive indicator of wealth. (Why else would all the supervillains want it?)

Paper is poverty. It is only the ghost of money and not money itself.
— Thomas Jefferson

“Originally paper was a receipt used as evidence that the money exists. Over the years the government has disconnected the paper from the actual tangible substance… so now we have a piece of paper which is evidence of nothing.” – David Champion, Nontaxpayer.orgThe top of each cash note used to bear the legend: “REDEEMABLE IN GOLD COIN.” The tangibility was replaced with that most asinine of ambiguities – “IN GOD WE TRUST” – which reflects exactly what they’ve done to the actual “money,” the gold. Each note represented its amount in gold bullion, now each note represents a fairytale, created by fiat (an arbitrary order or decree – exactly how the creationists think their goldfish was created) with nothing to back it up.

With the Federal Reserve sequestering all the gold in Fort Knox (as collateral on that interest that the greatest superpower on Earth cannot possibly pay back) there remains nothing to measure the paper against. All bets are off. Inflation skyrockets. When America needs more money, the Fed Reserve just prints it. Like every great conspiracy queerly, the best counterfeiter in the business – is the government itself.

President Wilson would lament: “I am a most unhappy man. I have unwittingly ruined my country…No longer a government by free opinion, no longer a government by conviction and the vote of the majority, but a government by the opinion and duress of a small group of dominant men.”

Give me control of a nation’s money supply and I care not who makes its laws.
— Mayer Rothschild (Euro banking dynasty)

AmericaFreedom_KissingerSince 1913 Congress knew. Since 1913 every president knows. Though many voices cry out that Congress should grab a nut and reinstate their legitimate power over the Federal Reserve (author Franklin Sanders, founder, David Champion and Congressman Ron Paul), Congress won’t. Because the illegal surrendering of monies has become integral to the system’s functioning. The only winners are – The Bankers and their dynasties.These facts sound like hippy trippy flower power, but they are anywhere you’d care to look. Even as little as ten years ago, we still had to “do research” to uncover these indictments – now there’s Google. Use it. And be afraid. Be very afraid.

What truly scares me is that when the government eventually shakes off its arrogance and realizes that enough people are willing to challenge their Cartman authoritah and battle their Orwell thoughtpolice, they will work towards actually making a law or – as they’ve done with the recent illegal wiretapping scandalcreate a retroactive law behind our backs. If government thugs were that duplicitous in exploiting the 16th in the first place; if they were that snakeskin contemptuous in believing that no one would ever question or find them out, what stops them from continuing to make things up as they go along? Surely not We The People. That would mean we were living in a free society…

…unelected private bankers actually control the governments of the world. They have financed and profited from every war since WWI without concern for humanity…
— Aaron Russo

Through interviews with insiders of every stripe, Russo arrives at the newest threats to American liberty – the Communist horror of the Real ID Card, outfitted with radio frequency chips. (That electronic strip on the back of all your cards has almost everything they need already… About five years ago, I swiped a bank card at a gas pump and heard a crystalline voice, “Hello, Jon Dunmore.” At first, believing it was one of my regular stalking fans, I swerved around in the Belligerent Crane position ready to strike at that point on the neck that renders a species of pain whose ancient name cannot be spoken without Chinese tears, when I suddenly realized that it was this gleaming petrol dispenser that had greeted me. I don’t want to be that intimate with a fucking gas pump! After I filled my tank, I gave it my Crane maneuver anyway. That oughta hold it.)Further, to the Orwellian tyranny of the VeriChip – sand-grain-sized radio transmitters implanted under the skin, allowing Total Tracking. Only by having the chip will you be allowed to function in society. We’re already being conditioned for Total Control – Aug 2007, at Pasadena CA, Jet Propulsion Laboratory scientists sued NASA and CalTech for instigating new sweeping, detailed background checks. “NASA calls on employees to permit investigators to delve into medical, financial and past employment records, and to question friends and acquaintances about everything from their finances to sex lives.” (Herald Tribune.) Anyone failing to comply with these conditions will lose their job. Is this harassment legal? Maybe. Ethical? Not even remotely. But disguised under the idiotic umbrella of “combating terrorism” cowardly federal agencies think they can frivolously push it through with impunity. Keep in mind: this is not for new recruits, but for everyone at JPL, from decades-long employees and professors to janitors. Only those with the attitudes and beige backgrounds of grazing cows will survive the flensing. Rethink what it is to be “American.”

This is not the first salvo, nor the last, in the War OF Terror the American government is waging on its own people. They want our information for the same reason they are intrusively “bringing democracy” to Iraq – for Total Control.

When all our information is ultimately digitized (credit cards are another step towards the cliff, further removing us from the gold standard, making money virtual), and when all that untidy background information can be loaded onto your VeriChip, the government can tax you, fine you, bill you at any time, for any amount, for any reason, and – in cases of insurrection or simple non-compliance with their Big Brother edicts – can “turn off” your VeriChip account, to preclude you from airports, banks, grocery stores, doctors; precluding you from commerce with anyone who needs to transact business with you via your Real ID Card and VeriChip account, essentially making you a non-person, exorcising you from society.

Fathers who are battling with courts over alimony or child custody know the fear and loathing in checking their bank accounts and finding that money has been stolen from them through the wires. Money which they believed was their “hard-earned” income. The more information the government has, the more insidious their intrusion, “without concern for humanity…”

August 2007: Nearly two years after closing down my corporation, paying all the last taxes and stamp duties and other made-up succubus fees, my bank sent me a letter telling me (not asking) that they are giving the Franchise Tax Board $585 from my account. For what, I have no idea. The Franchise Tax Board continued to send me bills regarding my corp long after I had finalized closure. At first I sent letters in reply, telling them I was closed down. When those letters were ignored with more requests for payments, I ignored the requests, thinking the bureaucratic monster’s wheels would take a while to stop spinning. They weren’t just spinning, they were gaining traction – until they “levied” my business bank account and simply STOLE my money. (Remember: they don’t consider it stealing – to them, it has ALWAYS been theirs.)

To get this money back would require a bureaucratic circus costing thousands. They know this. That’s why it can be done with impunity, without compunction. $600 stolen from me is not going to destroy my life. But that’s not a reason to steal it. Basically, keeping that account open was like walking through Compton with heavy bling and Vanilla Ice – an open invitation to be bashed and monkey-raped. That’s the government. Rethink what America is.

Money as we know it does not even exist any more. Even if it did, it wouldn’t save us.

Even now, the Visa company is running television ads lauding the god-given convenience of credit over cash – like cash is such a hindrance to purchasing goods. (Are some of you old enough to remember when your grocer used one of those cash registers that went “cha-ching” and tallied your change IN HIS HEAD – all faster than any corporate checker with his red lasers and blipping register and pimply minimum wage?) As if swiping cards and sending our grocery information to the CIA makes life as colorful and happy as the ads depict – it surely doesn’t get us through the aisle any faster than twenty years ago; as if gouging our information and selling it to mortgage brokers creates more convenience; as if we don’t know that’s why we get calls on Sunday mornings from people who can’t pronounce our names correctly, soliciting for Daily News subscriptions.

The bovine, television-squared lumps who bought the phony “War on Terror” are now being further conditioned to dispense with the illusory value of paper money – so that We can track all transactions to combat terrorism; We need every citizen in a database to combat terrorism; We need to declare a state of emergency and not elect any new presidents so We can…combat terrorism; We need to know what you buy, who you talk to, what you watch, who you read, what you think, who you do…We have provided our just and fair president “all powers necessary and appropriate to protect American citizens from terrorist attacks,” meaning We can “indefinitely detain a U.S. citizen captured on U.S. soil without any criminal charges, holding that such authority is vital during wartime to protect the nation from terrorist attacks.” (Washington Post, Sep 2005.)

All prisoners of war (citizens and aliens alike) are to be held without any chance of appeal until the end of the war. But a War on Terror HAS no end. By the president’s own admission. (But we don’t need a mongoloid to tell us this, common sense is enough.) Life scary enough yet? And we’re only halfway through this screed.

Rethink American.
— Saturn Motors slogan, Aug 2007

AmericaFreedom_fordThe United States does not even exist in the ideological form that people have been indoctrinated to believe in. The irony is: The treasonous president insists his Iraq War is an “ideological struggle” while feeding the American public with OUTRIGHT LIES about its reasons, its status and its objectives (for which the media will never contradict him for fear of ostracism from the conglomerates who own their networks that fund the criminal Bush presidency). All the while raping that same American public. Ideologically, of course.You’d be shocked to realize that these duplicities have not just transpired since 9/11 and the George W. Bush Klan; W’s transparency as a purebred American Idiot (coupled with a savvy new Generation Google) gave the game away, but your most beloved presidents have always advocated the Grand Plan of retaining their unfair share of power and wealth. It’s their job, Plebeians.

From Executive Order #11000 (allowing the government to mobilize citizens into work brigades under government supervision) to Bill HR 1528 (requiring you to spy on your neighbors, refusal to do so punishable by a mandatory prison sentence of at least two years), to the arbitrary “emergency powers” (Exec Order #11921: the President can declare a state of emergency that is not defined, and Congress cannot review the action for six months) and “seizing financial instruments” order (the power to seize all currency: gold, silver, if they deem an emergency exists), the worst thing about the government savagery on our liberties – is that we can do nothing! The peaceniks and hippies and those indoctrinated to the battered and raped system cry out, “VOTE!” As does Aaron Russo. But the standard solution will get us exactly nowhere.

After showing us that voting is rigged (Clinton Curtis, an ex-NASA and Exxon tech testifies in court to rigging machines and hacking the 2004 Ohio presidential election); after investigator Michael Ruppert states, “Anybody who trusts electronic voting machines should have their head examined,” Russo calls on us to “only vote for candidates who have signed an affidavit to shut down the federal reserve system and stop world government.” How exactly would one DO that with rigged elections on rigged machines? Maybe Russo is not a violent man and does not want to advocate two wrongs making a right, but the only way to stop tyranny is – by world example – a military coup. But that opens its own can of Amin Dada syrupy goodness.

Russo suggests “Force congress to use their legal authority to shut down the federal reserve.” Please explain “force.”

What all Russo’s suggestions fail to address is that the Bastille needs to be stormed. And it IS an unfortunate day in America when the situation has degenerated to no other option. It is not only the Bush administration’s modus operandi. The elite of the world have been crushing under heel We The Plebeians for millennia. America was an experiment in slashing the Achilles tendon of monarchy and tyranny… and standing up…clutching a set of (imperfect yet workable) tenets to ensure they were never under the heel again. But the heel returned. His name was Nixon. Not everything was perfect before Nixon, and not everything was pure evil after him, but surely his devil’s reign was a tipping point in pushing America to this irredeemable state.

You gotta fight when you think it’s the right thing to do. Otherwise, you feel like your gut’s full of pus. Even if you get the hell beat outa you, if you fight, you feel okay about it.

The fundamental concepts of both TAXES and VOTING are actually very judicious, sensible, altruistic concepts – in their original framing. The concept of the same percentage of tax from every person’s income going into a public kitty for the public good is a laudable tenet – but that is not the criterion for taxing income in America and that is not what your income tax is used for.

So too is “One Man One Vote” an excellent concept (except for the fact that the minority must remain dissatisfied with the majority’s idiot decisions – but hey, that’s your vaunted democracy in action) – but that is not the voting system in America, even though you’ve been misled into believing it is.

So the ultimate question remains: should you, as a citizen who has now seen the men behind the curtain, continue to allow the government to rape you on behalf of the Federal Reserve?

Even Aaron Russo never advises people not to pay. He makes the analogy to the Mafia and their protection rackets: pay or die. The government is exactly the same. Russo: “Whether it’s legal or not doesn’t necessarily matter, you’re gonna get hurt if you don’t.” One street interviewee, when asked if he had ever seen that income tax law, noted: “The law is that guy that wears that badge and that gun.”

Russo’s advice: “Pay your taxes – but shut down the Federal Reserve and then you won’t have to pay. The IRS is a symptom of the problem – the real problem is the bankers and the banking industry.” (But we’d be naive to think this is all there is to the solution. There are millions of jobs associated with the Federal Reserve and the banking industry – millions of people just trying to make ends meet who have no clue they are minor cogs in a worldwide stranglehold machine – what happens to all of them? And wouldn’t they protest as vehemently as we are protesting now if their livelihood was in danger of being dissolved? That’s just the first problem, and illustrates the extreme level of social damage these institutions have created and will create even if abolished.)

But let’s get radical, nutjobs! You really want to go back to dollar-chasing for The Man and swallowing government semen every year, go right ahead. Or you can do something for yourself, for your children, for your liberty, for a fantastic ideology that you were taught was real; do something which will haul America from the clinging muck like the creaking behemoth of steel and skulls she has become…


Caveat: don’t just Don’t Pay blindly and ignorantly. That would make you as small-minded as the people who do illegal and unethical things without any lawful backup or intelligent reasoning (i.e. the government). Arm yourself with the knowledge to defeat the Inquisitors when they come bashing down your door. And they will. “Even if you get the hell beat outta ya, you gotta fight when you think it’s the right thing to do…”

In the right-hand column, I have listed many of the giant killers featured in the movie. Contact them, talk to others, live on Google, read the statutes, amass canned goods and lots of water, fortify your bunker doors, let the cat out, calm your woobie, load your Holy Second Amendment Articles of Faith (guns), and when tax time rolls around, you’ll be intellectualized for battle.

And if the doors explode inwards and the Internal Revenue Service demands a tithe from us because The Constitution Says So, we can always find hope and valor in the courageous words of our president, George W. Bush, who would never lie to us:

“The Constitution is just a goddamn piece of paper!

They’re coming to take me away – ho-ha hee-hee…


AmericaFreedomToFascism_titleAMERICA: FREEDOM TO FASCISM (Jul 2006)
Director, Writer: Aaron Russo.
Starring: Aaron Russo, John Turner, Joe Banister, Dave Champion, Ron Paul, Sherry Peel Jackson, Charlie Beall, Peter Gibbons, G. Edward Griffin, Bob Schulz, Catherine Austin Fitts, Phil Hart, Larken Rose, Irwin Schiff, Vernice Kuglin, Tom Selgas, Edwin Vieira.

RATINGS-09 imdb
Word Count: 3,800     No. 226

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EULOGY: Aaron Russo, the maker of AMERICA: FREEDOM TO FASCISM, died August 24, 2007, at age 64. If not for the fact he was battling cancer for an extended period, no one would have blamed us for suspecting CIA involvement in the demise of this Libertarian maverick who openly criticized government subversiveness. But there is no conspiracy. As film-makers like Russo himself have shown us, the conspiracy – is The System itself. Aaron Russo died fighting the good fight, against the cancer in his body and the cancer eating at the American People – the government. We pick up his torch and keep our small parts of the flame lit.

They say there are only two sure things: death and taxes. Aaron Russo is proof there is only one.

The Proud, The Brave, The Income Tax Defiers:

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John Turner
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(A U.S. District Court issued an injunction against this website, shutting it down. Does it take a fake psychic to figure out why?)

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Edwin Vieira
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