DUMBO DONALD EXIT EXCORIATION | The Election of Joseph R. Biden, November 3, 2020

Jon Dunmore

“Just because we’re wearing masks doesn’t mean we STOLE the election, dummies.”

851 Million Reasons why we should NEVER FORGET.

WRITINGS_LetterCapitals_The 45th american president – A Dumbo Donald Overview:

kidnapping, treason, money-laundering, obstruction of justice, conspiracy to commit murder of Jamal Khashoggi, coverup of murder investigation, rape, sexual molestation, violation of Emoluments Clause, embezzler of charity funds, conspiracy to undermine American elections, quid pro quo with Ukraine for election tampering, blackmail, campaign finance violator; “Obama had my “wires tapped” in Trump Tower”; unindicted co-conspirator, white supremacist, idol of David Duke, Klansman role model (father Fred: “I don’t rent to niggers”), conspiracy to obstruct justice, accepts election contributions by foreign nationals, uses charity money to fund campaign, uses charity money to buy paintings of himself, adulterer, tax evader, tax fraud, Forbes magazine fraud, urolagniac, whoremonger, paid off prostitutes with campaign and charity funds, “person woman man camera TV,” refuses to testify or produce papers, ignores subpoenas, criminally encourages cabinet to ignore subpoenas, “grab them by the pussy” “Mexico will pay for the wall” of which not one inch was built in 4 years; when existing wall was reconditioned, he claimed it was new; illegally tried to funnel funds to wall; 11 counts of obstruction of justice Mueller Report; awarded xenophobe Rush Limbaugh the presidential Medal of Freedom, accused South American refugees of being gang caravans, proclaimed conspiracy theorist Alex Jones as favorite radio show, forced Don McGahn to write false report stating he never obstructed justice, spineless coward, cheap, duplicitous, his father bribed doctor to lie about bonespurs to dodge draft 5 times, secretly bankrupt (father Fred funds him $426m, which he loses), files false reports, claimed numerous Obama policies were his, gaslighting that “no preexisting conditions” was a republiKKKan policy; spent 4 years threatening to abolish Obamacare, which would kill millions; promised to come up with alternate better healthcare plan “in two weeks” for the last four years; conspires to defraud the United States by undermining the lawful function of the FEC, illiterate, inarticulate, “shithole countries,” violator of the Fair Housing Act, defamer, pedophile, statutory rapist, property ordinance violator, wanted to strand infected coronavirus passengers onboard a cruise ship because “I like the numbers where they are”; fraudulent billionaire, whined about the balloon bitchbaby effigy, petty lies against photographic evidence about his inauguration crowd size, attempts to arrest reporters and opposition leaders like a dictator, civil rights violator, appointed more billionaires to government than any other president, breaches contracts, incites violence, piece of dogshit deadbeat father, impotent husband, 3-inch mushroom knob, golf cheater, incurious F-student, draft dodger, pathological liar, lawsuits to stop the election count, lawsuits to continue the election count; installs postmaster to nullify American postal service thereby nullify democratic process vis a vis voting, inject disinfectant, “pandemic is a hoax” (What would you say to the American people who are scared? “I would say that you’re a terrible reporter”), gas-bombs peaceful protesters to hold up bible photo op (“…waving a book he hasn’t read, in front of a church he doesn’t attend, invoking laws he doesn’t understand, against fellow Americans he sees as enemies, wielding a military he dodged serving, to protect power he gained via accepting foreign interference, exploiting fear and anger he loves to stoke, after failing to address a pandemic he was warned about, and building it all on a bed of constant lies and childish inanity” – Robert Hendrickson, rector), incites rogue gunmen; “I said to my people, slow the testing down”; (“He’s a fucking moron” – Rex Tillerson, his own Secretary of State); applauds kidnapping plot of governor, incites election tampering by illegal monitors, the “billionaire” who hides his tax returns, the “genius” who hides his college grades, the “businessman” who bankrupted 6 casinos, the “playboy” who pays for sex, the “christian” who doesn’t go to church, the “philanthropist” who defrauds charity, the “patriot” who dodged the draft, the “innocent man” who refuses to testify, the “tough, strong” man who wears make-up and hair spray, the “deal maker” who has yet to close a deal; lied about getting covid for political maneuvering, narcissist, Russia puppet, Helsinki cowardice, Dumbo Donald Junior, Incest Ivanka, Jinky Jared, Dumbo Eric, Whore Melania, Stephen Goebbels Miller, Closet Pence (because flies are attracted to shit), Sasquatch Sanders, Cockholster Barr, Moscow Mitch, 3 Supreme Court justices rammed through, two-faced Ms. Lindsey Graham, private Putin meetings, lover Kim Jong-Un, firing Sally Yates for warning about Michael Flynn, firing James Comey for investigating Russian collusion, hosting Russian delegates next day and crowing over firing Comey while blabbing national secrets, #DiaperDon, Trump University paying $25m for fraud; inciting police brutality at rallies, thinly-veiled Klan rallies, calls military “losers and suckers,” Charlottesville (“fine people on both sides”), “Proud Boys STAND BY,” violator of the Hatch Act (holding political events at the white house), “It is what it is,” throwing paper towels at Puerto Rico (“big water”), which he didn’t know was a U.S. territory, mismanaged pandemic by obstructing medical information, medical supplies and pandemic experts (“Kung-Flu”); launched his own disinformation campaign against the pandemic and everyone trying to combat it; disbanded Obama’s pandemic team at Center for Disease Control (“I take no responsibility”) and then blamed Obama for no pandemic team being existent during the pandemic; contemptuous of science, illegally uses Dr. Fauci’s words out of context; 350 golf days, many while America was flooded or on fire; “Many people have told me” = voices inside my head; “A lot of people don’t know” = I just learned; “Believe me” = I just lied; “In Fact” = I’m about to lie; “He’s a great guy” = I will deny ever knowing them after they begin to tell the truth about me; “MAGA” = making my pockets fatter off the American tax payers; “Nobody knew” = everybody knew except me; “Huge” = moderate to below average in size; “Tremendous” = go-to adjective that means nothing; “Loser” = someone who makes me feel inferior due to their talent or accomplishments; “Policy Briefing” = watching Fox News; “Liar” = someone who tells the truth about me; “Fake News” = real news;  extortion, bribery, accepting bribes, pardoned Scooter Libby and Roger Stone, destruction of legal documents, morbidly obese, buys doctors for clean health bills, $400m in debt, exited Paris Climate Accord, withdrew from World Health Organization (WHO), blamed WHO for severity of coronavirus; neglected American soldiers targeted by Afghanistan via Russian bounties, refused to instruct NSA to combat Russian election hacking, xenophobe, his sons flout Emoluments Clause by working for him on his failing businesses, climate change denier, environmental regulations rolled back, lied about covid’s dangers and death counts, “I would rate my performance a 10”; Paul Manafort, Michael Cohen, Kellyanne Conway, Sean Hannity, Tucker Carlson, superspreader events, Natalia Veselnitskaya testimony to congress that the meeting in Trump Tower was about campaign collusion, dumbo donald lying the meeting was about adoption, used a Sharpie to “prove” his prediction of a hurricane’s path; encourages white supremacist militias, world’s highest covid death count (237,000+) due to his criminal negligence, endorsing child molester Roy Moore, called for death of Central Park Five after they were revealed as innocent, calls to lock up private citizen Hillary after she is cleared of charges, supports QAnon candidates, foments conspiracy theories, 100 tweets per day – none of them policy, 20,000+ tweets, 30,000+ lies, 5000 kids at border lost, 40+ rape accusations, “Obama founded ISIS,” signing blank papers photo ops to pretend work, presents Leslie Stahl with blank book of “accomplishments,” conspired with Jeffrey Epstein for statutory rape of underage girls, supports Ghislaine Maxwell in sex trafficking, sold American secrets to Russia, Herman Cain dies of covid after superspreader event, insults all gold star families, Trump Tower in Baku Azerbaijan financed by Russian oligarch… AND THAT’S ONLY SCRAPING THE SURFACE…

Trump makes it hard on us because some of the things he does make me wonder whether I’m covering an election in the United States – one of the oldest democracies in the world – or whether I’m actually reporting from almost a failed state.
— Reporter Alan Cassidy, “Tages-Anzeiger,” Switzerland.

Four days after the federal election, on the afternoon of November 7, 2020, the sun shone brightly here in Los Angeles, slanting in sideways with a rainbow across the sky; a few patches of clouds were actually causing sparse intermittent drizzle, which looked incongruous in the permeating glow.

It was the perfect metaphor for what had transpired that morning…

After a contentious, pitched ballot count that started on Election Day, November 3rd, Joe Biden was eventually declared the 46th President of the United States, over Dumbo Donald, who refused to concede, made an evidence-free statement about illegal ballots, and then retreated to the safety of his yes-man bunker to rage-tweet like the irrelevant whiny little bitch he is, while his supporters ignorantly chanted to “Stop the Vote” in states where their fuehrer led, and “Count the Vote” in states where he trailed.

America was in the thrall of a bright sunshiny day with yet a few stubborn raindrops trying in vain to turn the euphoria to gloom.

The best part of this schadenfreude is…

It’s time to bring back Madame La Guillotine!

Dumbo Donald gets to see and hear and feel the whole world celebrating his loss. And for a twisted sociopath who is forever seeking the approbation of his father (which he will never attain since daddy is dead), it is killing him inside that he is a Loser. Something about not enough hugs as a child. And being brainwashed into having no integrity or shame. So my excoriation is nothing alongside Dumbo Donald waking from his insular fake-reality, the scales falling from his eyes, to see America celebrating in the streets, fireworks in London, and church bells in Paris…

For Joe and Kamala, imagine that relief of the hard-fought success, that untwisting of the intestines, that sharing of triumph with family and friends; and now imagine how Dumbo’s guts must be broiling and nauseous, flop-sweat and no appetite for KFC or hamberders. And we rejoice in his indescribable mental and physical pain – retribution for all the insurmountable suffering and death he caused others during his wannabe-tinpot reign of terror; it is heartwarming to know that he is being brought to a full realization of how much the world despises him. And that his vaunted name has lost all cachet as a brand. Amidst the coronavirus pandemic, HE was the most virulent disease of all, the toxic cancer suffocating the heart of America.

And the worst part is…

“See that guy with the Trump sign protesting me? Treat him well!”

Well, the winner is Joe Biden. Biden is a nothing candidate. He’ll make a “nice” president, but nothing fancy; nothing Roosevelt, Kennedy or Obama. He’s the vanilla that won’t tax your tastebuds; he’s the car repair that brings you back up to zero. His policies are rote campaign twaddle that are simply written down, as opposed to Dumbo Donald’s policies which are, firstly, non-existent, and then garbled nonsensically through the prism of white supremacy and a third-grade education.

Good old Joe will roll back some of Dumbo Donald’s craven policies and restore some semblance of U.S. godhood around the world, but Moscow Mitch (who just won re-election as the incubus of Kentucky) is ALREADY threatening to block any Biden candidates for his own cabinet. And do you think easygoing Joe can or will go toe-to-toe against Moscow’s soulless evil? “Mr. Biden will have to navigate a Senate narrowly controlled by Mr. McConnell, who has happily turned the chamber into a graveyard for Democratic legislation.” – Carl Hulse, New York Times.

Good old Joe will probably be a one-termer himself, and if he does make a second term, he’ll probably die there, and bequeath America its first non-white female president – which would be his greatest achievement. Now hold your horses on hating a playa, snowflakes: I considered Biden the best candidate – in 2008! Yes, Barack Obama made history as the first non-white president of a racist nation – but Joe was more qualified back then! Think about it, people of America: his experience, knowledge, empathy and glittery white teeth were then in the package of a spry 66-year-old, not a doddering 77-year-old who has lost a step. He was as ready as he would ever be. Not taking anything away from the mighty Obama, but it was a pity Joe lost that year.

And the scary part is…

The bitchbaby cometh.

1) 70 million people voted for Dumbo Donald. The race was actually close. That should continue to scare the brown out of you, as you walk the streets of this racist nation, or shop for groceries, attend your church, or an out-of-town massage parlor with hand relief. Almost half of those people you encounter in life voted for an assklown who proposed putting alligators in a moat at the border, and remarked to a friend that he would soon be dating that friend’s 7-year-old daughter “in 10 years.”

And those ignoramuses are still trying to win the election after it has been called! Spurred on by their bovine, orange conman, who refuses to concede, and is filing lawsuits against close-called states, claiming overwhelming voter fraud (yet providing zero evidence), led by Rudy Giuliani and the Dumbo Sons of Dumbo Donald, swarms of redneck sway-toothed protesters are still trying to force polling places to “count more votes” for Dumbo or to “stop counting Biden votes” that were somehow found in the corners of dark rooms …or something. It’s the kind of ignorance that keeps America at the top of the bottom lists.

2) No one has done anything about the moribund Electoral College, which was obscenely responsible for allowing a grifter to slip through to the highest office in the land in 2016. And after four years of bellyaching about its unfairness and non-utility, and blaming it for Dumbo Donald’s ascent vis a vis America’s downfall – NO ONE HAS DONE ANYTHING to rectify it. The United States electoral system is 1 person 1 vote – but not as long as the Electoral College still exists. That 1-person thingy is represented in the “popular vote,” which is – for some reason – tabulated but ignored in the final telling. It is fortunate Biden won not only the Electoral College, but also the popular vote by almost 5 million. Can you imagine the ammunition it would have given the cheating lowlife republiKKKan party if Biden had won the Electoral but lost the popular vote in the same way Dumbo Donald lost it to Hillary Clinton? We would never have heard the end of it from the republiKKKan hypocrites, who would now be claiming that the POPULAR VOTE is the important one. As long as these two contradictory platforms exist, America is still in the dark ages.

3) No one is going to jail over the widespread voter suppression. No one is even being charged, though the Dumbo Donald administration was making its suppression efforts blatant and transparent, as if daring the American judicial system to do something about it. For something which supposedly “defines” America – the right to vote in a free democracy [snigger] – shouldn’t the crime of voter suppression be a felony? Instead, SNL makes jokes about it and everyone keeps watching reality TV.

I’m working on a story about voter suppression in Georgia, what appears to be a systematic approach to make sure that underprivileged – many of them people of color – don’t get a chance to vote. This is something that dictatorial regimes do in other countries: they deliberately make sure that those who are not likely to vote for THEM, don’t get a chance to vote. And here it is, I’m working on it here in the U.S.
— Reporter Larry Madowo – “BBC World”

And the SCARIEST part is…

It was all just an origin story for DUMBO JOKER. Or maybe an “oranges” story.

There are just over two months remaining in the lame duckidency of Dumbo Donald – an insecure, vindictive pathological narcissist who cozies up to dictators (because they seem to provide the bitchbaby with the unconditional love his father never gave him). With the might of the American military at his fingertips.

As Anderson Cooper very succinctly put it: “…and we see him, like an obese turtle in the hot sun, flailing on his back, realizing his time is over…”

As Sean Connery asked Kevin Costner in THE UNTOUCHABLES, “What are you prepared to DO?” In the context of, What are you prepared to do for justice? Dumbo Donald sincerely thinks he has been wronged. What is HE prepared to do for what HE considers Justice? Sell American nuclear codes? Deport everyone? Start a war? And the U.S. won’t be able to peacefully changeover to a new president until after the war ends. When will it end? Never.

As Keith Olbermann alarmingly reminds us, it’s time to retire this unfit, unqualified toxic twat via the 25th Amendment, because he is (and always has been) “unable to discharge the powers and duties of his office.” Won’t happen. Because America has already displayed its spinelessness over 4 years, by not being able to remove this malignant tumor even though he committed a felony – Every – Single – Day – in office.

The Rainbow and the Cockroach.

The Biggest Toilet in the World: “I’d give it a few minutes before you go in there.”

Just like the rainbow I saw this morning amidst the droplets of republiKKKans—I mean, rain, when Kamala Harris came out to make her acceptance speech (the first time a Vice President-elect has ever been allowed this honor), the infectious smile on her face just wouldn’t quit. It made me tear up. And the energy was infectious too – I mean, Joe jogged out like he was as young and sexy as Obama!

It was an outpouring of joy and positivity and erudition, as opposed to the shrunken-scrotum Gollum-esque griping and hate-speech and rambling disinformation of any given Dumbo Donald Klan rally. And my mind went forward to that happy and joyous time on January 20, 2021, when the pig and his whore would be vacating the white house…and how it needs to be fumigated before Biden moves in…

Considering that half the staff was infected with the virus that they so cavalierly called a hoax, and how they’ve been spreading that funk over every surface of the People’s House with their rat-breath and tiny hands, I imagine the fumigation of the White House would take a roach-bomb the size of Dumbo Donald’s adult-diapered ass to purge its every rotten corner of disease and un-American misanthropy.

And I thought: Huh, another perfect metaphor.



On November 3, 2020, after bringing democracy in the United States to its bleeding knees in the space of just 4 years, Republican one-term incumbent Dumbo Donald Trump was ousted from the office of Fake Russia-Puppet President of the United States by the Democratic ticket of Joe Biden and Kamala Harris. The Electoral College count: Biden 306, Dumbo Donald 232 [update: Nov 13, 2020]. Biden also won the popular vote by 75.1 million to 70.8 million, and will become the 46th President of the United States.
One virus down. One to go…

— by Jon Dunmore © 8 November 2020.BANNER_TheDunmore_LOGO

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