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There are still benefits while making bad movies.

Aiming for mediocre – and succeeding.

Adam (Jon Favreau) and Kate (Famke Janssen) mix it up as a couple for a while, having the titular LOVE AND SEX. Then they break up. While they each date other people, their feelings for each other resurface almost as much as they keep running into each other in social circles. They end up back together again. The end.

Interesting? No. Just use the opportunity to look at Famke’s jamke and stop complaining. Why else would you keep patronizing these spongy, fungus-covered things that make the beyond-stale food in the back of your fridge look like French cuisine?

Another savagely average boy-girl “romantic comedy” with nothing new to say, nothing profound to offer and nothing remotely involving – except for the chemistry between the two principals.

Famke and Favreau are fantastic – but only because I have a thing for Famke and Favreau both. Some good one-liners shot off by Favreau (doing his best Vince Vaughn) and some steamy, square-jawed sexiness exuded by Famke. But nothing can save this movie as the lame vehicle it tries so hard to be – and succeeds at being; predicated on that ignorant, age-old stupidity that there’s ONE person “out there” for you. (There are so many clichés that have become ingrained in our romance lexicon that we don’t even question what they mean anymore. What exactly does “I will love you forever” mean? If you are bovine enough to believe these empty palliatives, you deserve every shard of emotional damage you put yourself through.)

The perp responsible for writing and directing this swill is – surprise! – a girl: Valerie Breiman. Which of course makes every word said about love and infatuation and anything else to do with “relationships” absolute bunk.

But enough about your girlfriend. This movie is pleasant enough – but people: stop taking these fanciful flirtations as “truth” and marrying these fictional accounts to your aspirations and life pathways and decisions.

It’s love and sex. One exists. One doesn’t. Then you die.


LoveAndSex_titleLOVE AND SEX (Jul 2000)
aka: LOVE & SEX.
Director, Writer: Valerie Breiman.
Starring: Famke Janssen, Jon Favreau, Noah Emmerich, Ann Magnuson, Cheri Oteri, Josh Hopkins, Robert Knepper, Vincent Ventresca, Kristen Zang.
RATINGS-05 imdb
Word Count: 350      No. 209
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