The F.U. t-shirt


The F.U. t-shirt! You’ve seen them at rock gigs; you’ve said it to your boss behind his back. Now wear it like you mean it!

Available in 3 sizes: M, L, XL
Available only in black. Limited supplies.

Wear it to the gym; wear it in the mosh pit; wear it to work; wear it to meet your girlfriend’s parents. Either way, the F.U. t-shirt means one thing – TROUBLE.
Endorsed by Poffy The Cucumber.

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  • This high quality, full-cotton, durable, customized impact couture is created exclusively by Forever Unholy Productions, licensed by Jon Dunmore.
  • Black short sleeve T-shirt
  • Available in 3 sizes: Medium (M), Large (L), Extra Large (XL)
  • Back design is company logo
  • Available only in black with white text
  • Free Shipping and Handling (Applicable taxes may apply, which you will see before you Proceed to Checkout)
  • Limited stock, so buy today – and WEAR IT LIKE YOU MEAN IT!

“The beauty of something with a double meaning is that it can only have one meaning!”
— Poffy The Cucumber.