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Stupid is as James Bond does. DIAMONDS ARE FOREVER is one of those movies where you can’t get over the stupid! This film makes us wonder whether author Ian Fleming ever plotted his novels so badly. We place half the blame on director Guy Hamilton, who brought us the turgid stupid of GOLDFINGER, and half the blame on screenwriter Richard … Read More


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Killer on the loose! lice Cooper’s fourth album Killer expands on the ambitious rock-opera direction the band started on Love It to Death. There are still vestiges of the avant-garde they flaunted on their first two bizarre albums, but producer Bob Ezrin’s mighty hand guided them like wayward sheep through the horror forest. On the cover, a constrictor – a … Read More

ALICE COOPER | Love It To Death

Jon Dunmore

A melody black / Flowed out of my breath… rapped in a dark room. From out of the blackness swirls a delicate piano and an unsure voice, quaking, lamenting, “I couldn’t tell if the bells are getting louder / The songs they ring I finally recognize…” Something ominous this way comes… “I only know / Hell is getting hotter / … Read More


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Space Fish Out Of Water. Futuristic fish-creature against prehistoric turtle-creature in a battle to the almost-makes-sense. GAMERA VS. ZIGRA is the 7th Gamera film, and effectively the last in the “Showa” series made by production company Daiei – and the exhaustion shows. (There would be one more contracted Gamera film in 1980, GAMERA: SUPER MONSTER, a stock footage compilation like … Read More


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Going Green with Big Green. Lost amidst the morass of camp Godzilla insults in the late ’60s and early ’70s, comes this ominous entry in the series, GODZILLA VS. THE SMOG MONSTER (aka GODZILLA VERSUS HEDORAH); a real horror story, which doubles as one long Public Service Announcement against pollution. Japan’s waterways are so choked with sludge, and its smokestacks … Read More


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The Original Road Warrior. One car. One truck. One highway. One big problem! DUEL is the zenith of simplicity, effectiveness, suspense: a trucker, on a whim, goes after a lone car in this chase movie of the decade, if not the millennium. We’ve reached an era in moviemaking history where car chases have become passe; the drum solos of movies. … Read More


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Just say (Paci)No. Before THE GODFATHER, there was an actor called Al Pacino. Francis Ford Coppolla would fight to have Pacino cast as Michael Corleone on the strength of his only starring feature film performance at the time – as the junkie in THE PANIC IN NEEDLE PARK. The rest, as they say, is omerta. Before he ruled the world … Read More


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…like a woman scorned. And another… and another… and another… Estrogen overload! Clint Eastwood fights for his life behind enemy lines! Yes, he’s trapped in a school full of women! BEGUILED finds wounded Union soldier John McBurney (Eastwood) seeking refuge at a Confederate home for girls, led by spinster Martha (Geraldine Page), who, against her better judgment, tends to his … Read More


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Justice is DIRTY. You’ve got to ask yourself one question: ‘Do I feel lucky?’ Well, do ya, punk? — Harry Callahan, DIRTY HARRY. And a screen icon is scarred onto the face of filmdom. And the Earth is once again salted with the man-nectar of masculinity. DIRTY HARRY is about a cop who takes the law into his own hands. … Read More


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To Live and Die in Hicksville. Sex in a small town. And more sex. And more sex… In 1951 Anarene, Texas, there’s not much to do except be an angst-ridden teen and feel up chicks in the dark of the old movie theater. But small town life is crawling to a close, and the teens in THE LAST PICTURE SHOW, … Read More