Poffy The Cucumber

A career ruined by alcohol, a movie ruined by Alcoholics Anonymous. FLIGHT opens with a tit, a drink, a smoke and a bump. This movie is gonna be… Absolutely Awesome! Whip Whitaker (Denzel Washington) wakes in a hotel room with a solid “9” (Nadine Velazquez), who nonchalantly goes about nakedly lighting a cig and finding her clothes. Whip answers his … Read More

ALCOHOLICS CONTRANONYMOUS | A Non-Alcoholic’s Journey Through Alcoholism.

Jon Dunmore

he was everything I liked in a woman: blonde, blue eyes, big tits – and drunk. And then there’s that old saw: Be careful what you wish for… There is a cautionary tale in The Harlan Ellison Hornbook (1990) describing all the stupid things he did for the sake of a particular woman – Valerie – and if it weren’t … Read More