KISS | Killers

Poffy The Cucumber

It won’t kill you, but it might hurt you like a girl slap. irstly, Jesus! The assface record company could not come up with a more clichéd name? Killers is the 18th overall release for KISS, and their 2nd Greatest Hits compilation. And also the name of Iron Maiden’s 2nd album (1981). And Killer was the name of Alice Cooper’s … Read More

KISS | Ace Frehley

Jon Dunmore

Shock Me. And everyone else! On September 18, 1978, the four members of KISS each released a Solo Album. No band in history had ever done this before. Released by Casablanca Records under the KISS banner, the albums had a unified look, with the KISS logo emblazoned in the top left corner, each album dedicated to the other three members … Read More

KISS | Alive II

Jon Dunmore

Riding the rocket larger than life… hey were once “the hottest band in the land.” Now – with the release of Alive II – KISS is “the hottest band in the WORLD”! Between the last Alive! (Sep 1975) and this one, the rollercoaster had only gone up. And up and up. In Feb 1977, KISS had at last graduated to … Read More

KISS | Dynasty

Jon Dunmore

No More Magic Touch. ISS disco? KISSCO! Dynasty was billed as The Return of KISS. It was their first studio album as a group after the four KISS Solo Albums. And after the hard rock havoc each member strutted individually in their Solo projects (except for Peter), Dynasty was a shock to the senses, as we find KISS bringing their … Read More

KISS | Unmasked

Jon Dunmore

More lick-ass than kick-ass. nmasked should have been called Guilty Pleasure. With its sanitized disco pop and bubblegum bop, Unmasked was a calculated sequel to 1979’s Dynasty. But someone calculated wrong. Because 1 (album of shit) + 1 (album of shit) = more minus-fans than plus-fans. It was the first album since 1975’s Dressed To Kill that would stall at … Read More

KISS | (Music From) The Elder

Jon Dunmore

A Light amongst the Dark. he most maligned album in the KISS catalog, (Music From) The Elder – is also their best by a mile! The ninth KISS studio album shifts gears so ferociously that the gearbox falls out and everyone goes through the windshield. Constructed with a solid foundation of classically heavy riffs, augmented magnificently by orchestral flourishes and … Read More