ALICE COOPER | Love It To Death

Jon Dunmore

A melody black / Flowed out of my breath… rapped in a dark room. From out of the blackness swirls a delicate piano and an unsure voice, quaking, lamenting, “I couldn’t tell if the bells are getting louder / The songs they ring I finally recognize…” Something ominous this way comes… “I only know / Hell is getting hotter / … Read More

KISS | Killers

Poffy The Cucumber

It won’t kill you, but it might hurt you like a girl slap. irstly, Jesus! The assface record company could not come up with a more clichéd name? Killers is the 18th overall release for KISS, and their 2nd Greatest Hits compilation. And also the name of Iron Maiden’s 2nd album (1981). And Killer was the name of Alice Cooper’s … Read More

KISS | The Best Of The Solo Albums

Jon Dunmore

Quadruple Fantasy, Together As One. y definition, The Best Of The Solo Albums should be a super collection. It is. Many fans feel it should have been the 1978 KISS album after Love Gun, rather than the extended, drawn out cavalcade of four Solo albums. This collection was not released in the United States, but in Europe and the Antipodes … Read More

KISS | Double Platinum

Jon Dunmore

The self-fulfilling prophecy of Casablanca’s favorite sons. erfectly rounding out Classic Era KISS, their 9th overall album Double Platinum showcases all the “hits” that made kids paint their faces, pick up guitars and worship the devil. Or the gods that were KISS. Notwithstanding their two live albums, which were basically Greatest Hits overdubbed with crowd noise, Double Platinum is technically … Read More

KISS | Revenge

Jon Dunmore

God Gaveth Rock and Roll and Taketh the Backbeat away… he amazing happens! The unthinkable becomes fact! On KISS’s 16th studio album, all Gene’s songs are better than Paul’s songs! It only took 16 albums… Revenge, produced by Bob Ezrin (who produced the KISS career high – Destroyer – AND career low – The Elder), is a cohesive, steel-belted sharpshooter. … Read More

KISS | Destroyer

Jon Dunmore

Modern day men of steel… y 1976, KISS were superheroes. Just look at the cover of Destroyer. See? It’s true. Destroyer, the fourth KISS studio album, marks the beginning of a new phase in KISS-tory. That phase where the fearsome face-painted foursome from New York (Paul Stanley, Gene Simmons, Ace Frehley, Peter Criss) would become the Biggest Band in the … Read More

KISS | Psycho Circus

Jon Dunmore

You Wanted The Best — You Got… a facsimile thereof.   drummer that forced hotel staff to put tinfoil on his windows that faced a certain direction and a lead guitarist that would rather play cards with his friends than catch a plane to a gig with the biggest band in the world. It truly was a… Psycho Circus. Did … Read More

KISS | (Music From) The Elder

Jon Dunmore

A Light amongst the Dark. he most maligned album in the KISS catalog, (Music From) The Elder – is also their best by a mile! The ninth KISS studio album shifts gears so ferociously that the gearbox falls out and everyone goes through the windshield. Constructed with a solid foundation of classically heavy riffs, augmented magnificently by orchestral flourishes and … Read More