KISS | Killers

Poffy The Cucumber

It won’t kill you, but it might hurt you like a girl slap. irstly, Jesus! The assface record company could not come up with a more clichéd name? Killers is the 18th overall release for KISS, and their 2nd Greatest Hits compilation. And also the name of Iron Maiden’s 2nd album (1981). And Killer was the name of Alice Cooper’s … Read More

KISS | Hot In The Shade

Jon Dunmore

Hot Mess In The Shade. irst of all, too many songs. Like the emperor summing up Mozart in AMADEUS: “Too many notes.” Well, Hot In The Shade does not have “too many notes” – that would be Animalize – but it seems like producers Paul Stanley and Gene Simmons crammed every sticky-sweet, trashy-funk, dirty-glam, sweaty-shoed cockrocker they could find into … Read More

KISS | Asylum

Jon Dunmore

Sounding better, looking worse (the Who-Dressed-Gene? album)… he 13th studio album from KISS, Asylum, is guitarist Bruce Kulick’s first tagalong! Wait– another guitarist?! The Guitarist Revolving Door comes to an eventual stop when Bruce takes over from Mark who took over from Vinnie who took over from Ace. Asylum continues the “hair metal” ethos started with Animalize: heavy enjoyable rock, … Read More

KISS | Animalize

Jon Dunmore

Selling better, sounding worse… ISS’s 12th studio album was a platinum seller, with some very metal songs, but was not very appealing or enjoyable. A lot of it had to do with bees. Animalize continued the rise and rise of KISS in their non-makeup era; through all their adversity with not solidifying a lineup, not selling out arenas, and not … Read More

KISS | Crazy Nights

Jon Dunmore

Crazy, Crazy Fluff. No No No Thank You. razy Nights, the 14th studio album by KISS, and the fourth in a row to be certified Platinum, is the Unmasked of the unmasked era – the guilty pleasure. Crazy Nights is an anomaly in the KISS discography. Sandwiched between two heavier albums, 1985’s Asylum and 1989’s  Hot In The Shade, Paul … Read More

KISS | Dynasty

Jon Dunmore

No More Magic Touch. ISS disco? KISSCO! Dynasty was billed as The Return of KISS. It was their first studio album as a group after the four KISS Solo Albums. And after the hard rock havoc each member strutted individually in their Solo projects (except for Peter Criss), Dynasty was a shock to the senses, as we find KISS bringing … Read More