Jon Dunmore

“Asshole” proves he’s anything butt. hen Gene Simmons called his 2004 solo album Asshole, who knew it would be such a wondrous eclectic mix of genres and variegated song stylings? And yet, we should have guessed this co-instigator of KISS had it in him, from the tenor of his last solo album, released in 1978 under the KISS aegis, Gene … Read More

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ALICE COOPER | Pretties For You

Poffy The Cucumber

Art Before Cock. t wasn’t exactly crap. Yet Alice Cooper’s debut album, Pretties For You, was not exactly the theatrical cock-rock the group would become renowned for. Having ingested over a decade of Alice Cooper’s mainstream output (starting with Love It To Death – what I thought was their debut album), suddenly being exposed to the band’s rare, little-known first … Read More

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