Poffy The Cucumber

That Thing Done Well is a Thing of Beauty Indeed. Snappy and exhilarating, THAT THING YOU DO! focuses on the rise and fall of a one-hit wonder pop group ensconced in British Invasion-era America. Full credit to writer-director Tom Hanks for crafting an entertaining vehicle in which he stars, that he is not the star of – instead making the … Read More

muzzleLoader | The Roxy, 26 Feb 2002

Jon Dunmore

Red meat wreck and roll. uesday night. What to do in the big city for a spot of hard-core adrenaline-rush? Well, there’s Club Lingerie, where the ecstasy-drenched 21-year-olds will suck you drier than the last raisin on a lifeboat; there’s Highland Grounds, where the Poetry Slams will leave you with a hunger for the sniper’s rifle unmatched since the days … Read More


Jon Dunmore

Kiss Alive! Again! ust it all be said again for the next generation? This time round, leaving out all the goofy, irrelevant stuff like Paul’s favorite color and Ace’s favorite dessert… From being called devil-worshippers to transvestites; from being nondescript street kids to unbridled lodestars for two generations; from being dubbed aliens to mongoloids, the worst band on earth to … Read More

TODD RUNDGREN | House Of Blues, 12 Jun 1995

Jon Dunmore

Somebody Took Our God Away… o call Todd Rundgren eclectic would be an understatement. Todd Rundgren’s worlds traverse galaxies well beyond our pitifully insignificant existences. Only those who have been exposed to his three-decade oeuvre would hove near grasping where this artist hails from – everywhere at once; which brings us back to the term eclectic, I suppose, making for … Read More

GARRISON WHITE | Live Review / Eulogy

Jon Dunmore

One Man. One guitar. No Prisoners. Someone refurbished a toilet and called it The Coconut Teaszer. Someone else painted it throbbing purple (or screaming lilac), and if it weren’t for the mid-80s explosion of Rock and Metal and Bouffant ‘do’s, the Teaszer probably would have met its justifiable end as a high-rent ghetto apartment complex, being unjustifiably in the heart … Read More