Poffy The Cucumber

Slammin’ Jammin’. Immortal! They just don’t play ’em like this anymore. As the sun set over the Californian suburbs of Pomona, Chino and Rancho Cucamonga on April 6th, 1974, after an hour’s delay, the loudest band in the world, Deep Purple, would take the stage at Ontario Speedway for the California Jam Festival. DEEP PURPLE: CALIFORNIA JAM is a vintage … Read More

BOB DAISLEY Autobiography | For Facts Sake

Jon Dunmore

The Diary of a Mad Man. I came from a working class family in the western suburbs of Sydney, Australia, and ended up in London working with the biggest names in Rock. — Bob Daisley, “For Facts Sake.” s a teen, my rowdy musical clique used to think of rock bassist Bob Daisley as a god. Even if you are … Read More


Poffy The Cucumber

In Rock Gods We Trust. Machine Head was basically built on six or seven indestructible guitar riffs. — Brad Tolinski, Guitar World. The Classic Albums series showcases the seminal 1972 Deep Purple juggernaut, Machine Head. “Classic Albums,” produced by Isis Productions and Eagle Vision, is an excellent series to begin with, as the artists who forged the albums that changed … Read More