Orlando Nightclub Shooting 2016

Poffy The Cucumber

GUN CONTROL | First, The Right Children Have To Get Shot… The Republicans are against a vocal minority controlling the vote. Why then, do they let the NRA do it? — Trevor Noah, “The Daily Show,” June 2016 ou’ve read the title. Hear me out. Latest mass murder in America: Orlando night club, Pulse. June 2016. And nothing will get … Read More

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Virginia Tech Shootings 2007 | The Killing Of American Scruples

Jon Dunmore

The Killing Of American Scruples.   gather from all the psycho-babble that the technical term for the sniper at Virginia Tech University is “Unbelievable Dickhead.” So, to exercise something which the nationwide news networks have forgotten should be the cornerstone of their existence – scruples – I refuse to name the Unbelievable Dickhead responsible for the deaths of 32 people … Read More

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