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Creepy Eyes stalks Sexy Eyes and Doe Eyes.

UnlawfulEntry_captionEven when Ray Liotta plays a good guy, he’s still kinda creepy.

In UNLAWFUL ENTRY, Liotta is unbalanced cop, Officer Pete Davis, who terrorizes a break-in victim, Michael Carr (Kurt Russell), for a piece of Michael’s wife, Karen (Madeline Stowe, who is just asking for it by being Madeline Stowe).

So he’s creepier than ever, with that overly-sincere delivery and those x-ray eyes. (Yet every time he calls Madeline Stowe, “Karen,” I flash back to Lorraine Bracco in GOODFELLAS.)

Officer Pete keeps inserting himself into Michael and Karen’s life, first as a friend helping them install a better security system, then turning up like a rash, i.e. whenever Michael is trying to close a deal (business-wise and panty-wise).

By the time Pete has falsely jailed Michael and is insanely cooking dinner for Karen as if he is her husband, it is obvious he has turned into creepy Ray Liotta, so Kurt Russell must turn into Snake Plissken to off him.


UnlawfulEntry_titleUNLAWFUL ENTRY (Jun 1992) R
Director: Jonathan Kaplan.
Writers: George Putnam, John Katchmer, Lewis Kolick.
Music: James Horner.
Starring: Kurt Russell, Ray Liotta, Madeline Stowe, Roger E. Mosley, Ken Lerner, Sherrie Rose, Deborah Offner, Johnny Ray McGhee.
RATINGS-06Poffy’s review on imdb
Word Count: 180      No. 489
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