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The punishing stupidity of punishing stupidity.

Many ways to view the torture-driven thriller UNTHINKABLE (now remember we’re trying to be neutral thinkers, objectively assessing the twisted unsolvable issues of religion and politics, so no man-acclaimed institutions should be capitalized):

  1. To show they mean business, authorities torture a person threatening to murder thousands.
  2. A muslim plants three nuclear bombs in three cities around the united states and christians torture him to discover their locations.
  3. a religious fanatic against materialistic fanatics – he tries to take away their possessions to make them see their materialism is insubstantial, and they try to take away his god to make him see his religion is insubstantial.
  4. In retaliation for unprovoked crimes against his religion, a muslim sends a message to his christian provokers that his faith is staunch.

The “muslim terrorist” is Steven Arthur Younger (Michael Sheen), a Caucasian weapons expert and convert to Islam, who plants the bombs and lets himself get caught. The American government’s “interrogating terrorist” is a covert operative known as “H” (Samuel L. Jackson), who tortures Younger because his government tells him to. The “complicit terrorist” is FBI Agent Helen Brody (Carrie-Anne Moss) who watches and does nothing, because it’s soooo hard to put a stop to torture when you’re from another department and there’s paperwork and red tape and stuff.

UNTHINKABLE is all about the torture, so it gets down to it pretty quickly, so you and your fellow viewers can start arguing right away. The movie incorporates all the talking points from all the angles that have sickened us since George W. Bush declared his fake war on terror.

When H is brought in, he tells Brody, “I’m a prisoner here myself,” meaning he is in a Witness Protection Program because Middle Easterners have put a hit out on him for being a torturer. In return for the U.S. gubmint protecting him, H is on call 24/7 for “special assignments” that he can’t refuse.

What kind of person would want to live like that unless the benefits outweighed the ostracism and trepidation? Or does he just plain love it? Either way he’s damaged goods. Alongside his sociopathic government assignments, he is a family man, with the constant threat of his wife and two kids being snuffed at any second. The medical term is ‘pathological wackjob.’

Brandon Routh is an FBI agent, but in disguise as Clark Kent, so as usual doing nothing to curb real crime; probably gonna save some woman later from tripping and falling over. A smattering of B-Actors play generals and executives (Stephen Root, Holmes Osborne, Martin Donovan).

Still another way to look at this movie: since there has never ever been a “ticking clock” scenario in real life, UNTHINKABLE is just another straw man pander to those dullards (George W. Bush) and cowards (Condoleeza Rice) and liars (Donald Rumsfeld) and murderers (Dick Cheney) who rely on brute force to get their way, and cannot comprehend how to intelligently coerce information from others.

And what balls to call a movie UNTHINKABLE when it’s totally ‘thinkable’ by the dullards and cowards and liars and murderers who run the country! Not only thinkable – doable. Every gutless minute of every cowardly day, as you read this, the supposedly “unthinkable” is happening at “black sites” around the world.

No matter which side of the fence you’re on, UNTHINKABLE will get your adrenaline driving through your body like Steve McQueen.


Aaaa! Not the TWILIGHT SAGA again!

H raises a good point: In order for the prisoner to feel threatened enough to give up information, “He’s got to believe that I have no limits.” What makes it a moot point is that religious fanatics are prepared to die or worse for their religion; so the depths that H might stoop to – or pretend to stoop to – are nothing compared to what the fanatic is prepared to deal with. That’s how stupid fanatics are. Now consider the punishing stupidity of the torturers to waste time and resources torturing.

H says, “This is war; this is sacrifice!” The Bush cowboys love to dramatize the fake War on Terror to these proportions; what they fail to take into account – is that Islamic fundamentalists are thinking THE SAME THING! And jihadists are more than ready to sacrifice their lives – torture be damned! – in the prosecution of their holy war.

The jihad extends much further than just blowing things up – they want to change American hearts and minds…. Sound familiar? The U.S. government, under the god-tainted Bush II administration, inculcated Americans to believe they instigated “changing hearts and minds,” using purple fingers as evidence that they were “winning the war on terror.” Idiots convincing idiots. Middle Eastern cultures have been trying to change the hearts and minds of everyone around them for 5000 years. It hasn’t worked – not for the olive-skinned or the white-skinned. No one’s changing anything, let alone hearts and minds.

No brute force, no effeminate democracy, no iron-thighed dictatorship will quell religious stupidity. As much as America claims it is “spreading democracy” (which is the absolute last reason they are actually engaged in ground wars), the Arab nations that America alternately supports and decries are constantly trying to rid themselves of democracy and stay or return to theocracies.

The fact that Younger lets himself get caught says something about his preparedness for torture. He’s sending a message that the Americans will never get. Agent Brody beseeches Younger, “Your wife and kids are in the country – you don’t want to blow them up, do you?” never once considering that blowing up his wife and kids is part of the religious plan.

UNTHINKABLE will definitely keep you on the edge of your seat; performances are totally convincing, and it’s unfortunate that even the plot line is wholly believable. World society has imbibed this fake “war on terror” so drunkenly that we do not question anything that H does, from chopping off Younger’s fingers to slitting the throat of Younger’s wife in front of him. And then tying up Younger’s kids in front of him and threatening to kill them too.

Who are the maniacs again?

June 2011: General David Petraeus moves from his post as Commander of U.S. Forces in Afghanistan to the Director of the CIA. In an impassioned speech before his confirmation, he openly affirmed why the CIA should ” reserve the right to torture” – in case, he stated, a suicide bomber placed a bomb under the Empire State Building with 30 minutes to detonation. Hmm, first time I’ve seen a straw man give a straw man argument. “Torture” is designated “illegal” yet here is this four-star general openly admitting in a senate hearing that he wants to torture – without being escorted away in Hannibal Lecter restraints!

Jun 24, 2011: The mighty Keith Olbermann explains why Petraeus should be put out to pasture for his unbounded ignorance:


Are there really guys as arrogant as H in the world, completely immune to everything, just begging to be bitchslapped? (See listing under: Dick Cheney.) The room outside the glass-walled “torture chamber” is filled with FBI, government agents and soldiers being all they can be. Complicit. Taking orders like the “heroes” they are. You gotta love the American dictatorship that is so powerful that the bottom cogs are ballsac-terrified to protest it. That’s why America supports dictators – they shut up and take America’s amoral orders like hero soldiers.

You see, kids? That’s why there’s no need for religion to create gods or devils. People do these bone-chilling things to each other all by themselves.

Even the issue of torture is moot once we realize WHY Cheney and his criminal Central Intelligence Agency broke international laws to perform it – to get information they wanted to hear; that is, to connect Iraq to Afghanistan’s 9/11 terrorists in order to justify the illegal United States attack on Iraq. But who needs torture to connect the dots when the somnolent CIA were so willing to believe the lies told by Iraqi informant Rafid Alwan al-Janabi (code name: Curve Ball), pertaining to Iraq’s “WMD”?

And if a person does “break” under torture, evidence shows they will give FALSE information. “Iraq connected to Afghanistan? – Of course, if it will stop you jarheads electrocuting my testicles!”

If torture had yielded any results at all, wouldn’t the felonious Bush admin have publicized it? Cheney kept promising to release Top Secret documents that would “prove” the utility of torture – never released ONE SENTENCE from those mythical documents. CIA destroys hundreds of hours of videotaped waterboarding – why? Because none of it could be used as “actionable intelligence,” but ALL of it could be used to prosecute them.

Unthinkable? Not at all to these perverts. Matter of fact, the Bush admin has won my heart and mind with their repetitive creed: torture IS justifiable and morally right under certain circumstances. So, Bush Admin and Obama Admin, if you wouldn’t mind surrendering that boastful war criminal hiding behind the skirts of your unratified rewritten laws, I would have no compunction in righteously torturing Dick Cheney.

Thankfully, I won’t go to jail, because once they arrest me for stopping that coward’s weak ersatz heart, I’ll remind them that torture is, in fact, not a prosecutable crime in America, and besides, I tortured him yesterday – and “that’s in the past.”


Unthinkable_titleUNTHINKABLE   (Jun 2010) R
Director: Gregor Jordan.
Writer: Peter Woodward.
Starring: Samuel L. Jackson, Michael Sheen, Carrie-Anne Moss, Holmes Osborne, Stephen Root, Lora Kojovic, Martin Donovan, Gil Bellows, Vincent Laresca, Brandon Routh.
Word Count: 2,200      No. 677
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Poffy-SezReligion me this, Batman!
If it was up to me, anyone who does ANYTHING for a religious reason should be tortured anyway. Not for information, but because they’re deluded imbeciles. Not just muslims either – christians, hindus, jews, zoroastrians, mormons, L. Ron Hubbardans – all you wackos! Let’s see who really really really believes their god will deliver them…

Torture will separate the mumu wimpys from the fanatics. The fanatics will continue to perform their illogical, irrational rituals for nothing reasons, which is why torture will produce nothing results.

Which brings us to the point of UNTHINKABLE: if fanatics do something in the name of religion, they are well-prepared for the torture that will ensue – in their minds, they’ve committed themselves to dying for their religion. So anything between starting the bomb ticking and their death is all part of their religious journey. The only rational answer as to why people torture if it yields no results is that there are uncivilized deviants hiding in plain sight in our society, slaves to their base limbic urges; lowbrow, authoritarian sociopaths that torture – because they LIKE it.

Even that’s not unforgivable – if you’re a monster, just admit it. It’s the HYPOCRISY that burns our stomach lining; the bald-faced duplicity in stating “torture is wrong and we don’t do it” and then doing it; upon doing it, pretending like it’s NOT morally or legally wrong because they rewrite laws to cover their asses; upon rewriting laws, re-stancing that “torture is righteous, but we wish we didn’t have to do it,” and on it goes, with these unprincipled, amoral pagans all the while claiming… they are followers of Christ.

Who Would Jesus Torture?

Poffy-SezFrom DVD director commentary:

“While we were shooting, literally halfway through were the U.S. presidential elections and Barack Obama was voted in as President. And it was really interesting ’cause as soon as Obama came in, the atmosphere changed greatly and it’s almost like this movie became, not dated, but of another time. When they talk about the president in this movie, they’re talking about President Bush. And the type of things that go on here – having that high level of government support for this kind of behavior – is definitely not an Obama government and it’s interesting that since Obama’s come in, even in his inauguration speech, he made mention that the U.S. are not torturers and this was an ugly chapter that we’re going to put behind us. So I guess I feel like the relevance of this film has changed but it’s very topical in the sense that it reminds us of the kinds of things that were happening…”

Coward me this, Obama!
Obama inherits the blame. Yes he does! You know I’m not one of those nude-brained Republicans who hate Obama for being Black and Nearby, but I do require of my step-President that he uphold The Law – the Law that would apply to any one of us non-government peons were we to torture a person or commit any kind of crime (hate-crime, war-crime, bubble-bath-crime). And should he refuse to prosecute those felons who committed those crimes while in office – and were he to stultify other countries’ efforts to prosecute those felons – then he is COMPLICIT in those crimes.

“That’s in the past.” Really? That’s the defense?

How about a non-government peon like myself grab Karl Face-Like-A-Pig’s-Vagina Rove and torture him and then in court, how do you think my lawyer would do pleading as my defense, “That’s in the past”? How hard would the prosecuting lawyer laugh, do you think? “That’s in the past and I promise not to torture anyone again – really and truly with sugar on top.”

Really? That’s your final word, Obama, you gutless cover-up prick?! Bought off by Halliburton much?

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  1. Thanks for the review.

    ” the Arab nations that America alternately supports and decries are constantly trying to rid themselves of democracy and stay or return to theocracies.”

    Sorry if I missed the satire here… it’s actually usually the USA intervening when countries get too democratic. (See long list of countries invaded/bombed by the US in last 130 years) e.g. Iran was a progressive democracy until the US helped end all that in 1953. Which is hard to believe, the way you never hear mention of that in all the fear-mongering about Iran in western media in the last 20 years. Then there was all that money the USA put into islamic fundamentalist school in pakistan in the 80s. Hmm that came back to bite in a big way too. And who knows what awful things might happen because of crazy US interference like that around the world. But maybe you were joking..

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