Poffy The Cucumber

Set to Spin: How Sarah Palin Saved America by Losing the Election. Sarah Palin, the most polarizing and laughable “politician” to ever shamelessly, undeservedly grace a world stage, has her laundry cleaned in this spin-doctored hallelujah chorus. When she ran for the vice presidency of the United States in 2008, she was defeated; when she returned to her post as … Read More

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TERRORIST IS THE NEW NIGGER | How The Rednecks stay one step ahead of us.

Jon Dunmore

JOHN MCCAIN’S STORY SO FAR: First the Republican nominee for president assured us that the “fundamentals of the economy were strong.” On seeing coffee flying out of everyone’s noses at that assertion, he changed his mind. Then the suggestion was to fire the Chairman of the SEC. Informed that a president isn’t allowed to fire a Chairman of the SEC, … Read More

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